Swedish Jazz Labels

A-Z of Jazz record labels in Sweden. First up: Stockholm based, Alice Music Production
Alice Music

Another Stockholm based outfit: Amigo (A division of the Bonnier Group)

Arietta (Stockholm again) and home to singer, Myrra Malmberg

Frösö based outfit Biba Records kicks off the short list of labels starting with the letter ‘B’
Biba Records

Another Stockholm based Jazz label that features amongst others, Sami born, Sofia Jannok and Jacob Karlzon.
Caprice Records

dB Productions caters to both classical and jazz artists.
dB Productions

Eskilstuna based label caters to all forms of jazz.
Einnicken Records

Stockholm based label founded by among others Goran Kajfes from Oddjob.
Head Spin Recordings

Anderslöv based label that also caters to rock music.

Göteborg based outfit and jazz connoisseurs.

Independent label from Malmö.

LJ Records from Haverdal.
LJ Records

Independent label that features amongst others Lina Nyberg.

Örebro based indie label
Prophone Records

Stockholm Jazz is the capital label for the capital city.
Stockholm Jazz